Falling To My Feet

So here we are. A new site, a new format, new content and a new approach. So you may be wondering what now, how exactly do you plan on writing going forward? To answer; I don’t know.

I’m sat here laughing to myself because after this big shift I sat down to finally write up a blog post that I wanted to do a few weeks prior. Then with all the ideas and rants, I could go on about topics I thought it would all be flowing out of me. But no. I’m stuck, I’ve never done a blog before and I’m not quite sure what it is that goes into them. I’m not even sure what it is I’m willing to be put into them. The way I imagine a blog is some sort of “dear diary” approach to putting things up on the internet. Where I pretend no one reads these words and sentences – so that I may express my life, innermost desires and gossip about myself.

Well in the spirit of learning about me – that, is not me. I don’t intend on making entries to this blog like a diary telling the internet about how my week went and seeking advice about my life. Ah, there we go! I’m getting somewhere as I’m writing this. Right we don’t want this blog to be a dear diary of relationship woes and what I had for dinner. So what exactly do I want how is that going to function? Perhaps this is now becoming an exercise in exactly that, me writing out about an issue I’m thinking about. Because that is something I intended with the blog style. I wanted to address issues and topics with a more casual, possibly longer form approach to whatever jumps out on me. I planned on making a post following this talking about change and its pros, cons, what is happening with the site as it has also ‘changed’ and tie it up nicely with a song that the encapsulates that post.

Why the song? I’m a musical person, wasn’t always. I remember a frankly bizarre time where I thought “I’m just not into music at all”. Little did I know I just hadn’t found music that really connected. I was still yet to find the likes of Bowie, Joel and the like. I tend to share songs that speak to how I’m feeling that day or what might be going on with me at the moment. I also tend to bookmark things with music, for example in a notebook I keep at work I bookmark entries with a song for that particular week. So expect more of that. Back to the topic at hand though, what will this blog section be? Well we know its not a dear diary, we know it’s going to be my thoughts on issues and topics. Ah ha! Perhaps I will try to commit to an entry akin to this on a weekly or whenever it strikes and just go over something as I write, then when I have a certain thing I want to talk about it will be the same blog but I’ll add it to a ‘spotlight’ section. That sounds great to me.

Finally, there will be lots of toying with the layout on these, should I find a picture for each post? Should I even add a song each time (probably will anyway) and should it weekly, bi-weekly? We will or I, rather, will figure this out as I go. To touch on what I could have easily written a small essay about – change; sometimes you have to be ready to look the fool in order to be the expert.

So without further ado the song for this post;

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