Ramblin Man

Here I am with another blog post. I find myself drawn to this style a lot more than my reviews at the moment. I like the idea of reflecting on whatever it is I’ve been thinking about when the urge strikes to write one of these. Of course, I still have my ‘spotlight’ section for when I want to write something more focused and less rambling.

That’s not what this is but I do find myself thinking about the current political climate in Britain and the world at large for that matter. Relax! I’m not going to get all heavy in this rambling blog format, especially about Politics. But I was very much thinking about how my view of current times being changed as I’ve grown up. Do all generations feel this? This shift from the bright optimism of your youth to the dismal hollow world you find as an adult. Perhaps, I remember humorously commenting that every generation is predisposed to hate the youth that follows them. “They have it too easy”, “Look how they waste their beauty and time”, “When I was younger” – god I’m sounding incredibly old for a 23-year-old.

But to be so bold as to rest my finger gently on the pulse of the zeitgeist. I do believe there is a collective disconnect happening in Western society at the very least. More and more we are beginning to notice the gaping chasm between people. The internet playing a more difficult, more Orwellian role than it ever thought it would when it promised more freedom and democracy of opinion. But what do I know, perhaps that’s a conversation to pick up on another time for a more focused approach. I don’t certainly don’t want my ramblings to be all seriousness, doom and gloom. I’m writing this while I’m listening to poppy, 80s music wondering why my Saturday night as a 23-year-old consists of sitting at my laptop asking what to do with myself and why I’m not where I want to be (I promise I’m not trying to be gloomy 😛 )

I had a cool idea to talk about this politics malarky with the title “The Sick Man Of Europe 2: Electric Boogaloo” but it seems at least part of that had already been thought of. Now I’m thinking if I should be spending this free time working on things I want to do – part of which is two separate podcasts I plan to be a part of. One headed by myself and a friend probably hosted here and be somewhat regular talking about a specific topic each time. This is close. The other is the same friend and a few others wanting to just rambling akin to this blog post. Hopefully significantly more funny though. This is further away but something you realise when you sit down to make a podcast – is that they are really bloody annoying to put together. Hosting sites, RSS feeds, paid subscriptions, a good microphone, this programme, that editing software etc etc. I originally thought it was click record, upload – “please let us be on Itunes Apple”, “Don’t we look cool Spotify?”. But no, although I endeavour to put it together.

It does vaguely seem like I think I’m some sort of internet presence that the world is clammering to hear from. A blog, reviews, podcasts on the way – what is next, youtube videos and a guest appearance on Joe Rogan? Sadly my ambitions for this aren’t very high at all, I simply want the ability to express things, reflect, practice my writing and have a sense of accomplishment by putting things into the ocean that is the internet – troublesome as it is.

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