January Tides

I’ve been away from this for a while now haven’t I. I’d like to have a substantial excuse, not that I need one. But I don’t, it’s simply been due to distractions in my life. I have found that when I’m trying to make things happening in the real world – my writing gets neglected and I become estranged to the process. Again, I cannot say why and obviously don’t need to – this isn’t a popular column of a magazine. Nor am I being paid for my time and energy being put into this. But as I have said this is more for me and I do hold some respect for anyone who gives a damn to read. I hope it entertains or even mildly informs or reflects back on things you may be facing.

I like the idea of trying to put something on the site so people can submit questions to me, I’d enjoy that back and forth. To connect with anyone out there actually reading these words.

Anyway, January. Not just your every day January either. It sounds overdramatic but its the start of a journey in itself without you wanting it to be. It’s the new year, it’s a new decade. You will inevitably look back at this January in 10 years time to see where you were and where you are now. Which is why I believe many people and certainly for myself, this January has been one of trying to swim out into a vast ocean, only for the rough tide to bring you back to the rocks. It is natural to set high expectations of yourself, as though just by saying something to yourself, you will magically summon the strength and make it happen. Which is why often you feel like an utter failure when you find yourself back at square one…or so you think. Are you actually at square one or does your new benchmark just feel like you haven’t completed anything?

As January comes to a close I think It is wise to remember just how far you have come and what you have managed to achieve. Stop thinking about where you should be and what you believe your life is supposed to be like. Instead, remember that this journey is yours and yours alone. Part of the beauty of life is that no two people face the same difficulties and successes. It’s what makes each person so interesting to listen to. But difficulties will come none the less, no matter how hard you try to swim against the tide it will still push you back and break your stride. So instead attempt to keep your pace and stay level headed and when that clears you will be ready to push forward.

Hopefully, this year will get better than January has been on a global scale. Looming threats of disease, war and now a shocking accident resulting in the death of an icon (Kobe Bryant) and his daughter. I’m looking forward to the changes I want to make this year and ideally stepping up and forward in the world and in my personal life. Don’t forget to dream and remember the small steps.

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