Fear And Loathing In Corona Vegas

Ah City dwelling, the prime location for a virus to set into and spread like…well, a virus. But I’m one of the stick in the muds that is shouting “No!” this is not something to get so hysterical about. So first I should address that yes, in fact, it is worth some concern and the due diligence being displayed from the government and its people as the virus continues to spread.

The handwashing, the people spacing, the encouragement to get as many people as possible working from home as well as the closing of certain sectors of business. This all in my humble opinion plays a vital part in slowing down the spread of a highly infectious and potentially economically destructive virus. But, and it’s one with a big ol’ capital B. The mass hysteria being displayed by the population of many great nations is something ripe for mockery. Italy shuts its borders = buy as much pasta as possible. It’s funny but this behaviour of storming shops to purchase hand sanitiser when it kills bacteria and is not a miracle cure to a virus is absurd. In fact, the absurdity of this hysteria is actively leading to potentially more devastating circumstances for many.

Retail has taken steps to attempt to give the elderly an opportunity to get supplies before the masses descend on the shops in a hysterical fit of panic. Rightly so, the elderly are the most at risk in all this and while all should prevent themselves from catching it to avoid spread potentially to elderly relatives, most people need not worry too seriously about this. The real danger is to the economy, as businesses shut, people are out of work in quarantine and aside from the insane panic buying of everyday household goods and food the economy is not having enough cycle.

All that aside though, I’m seeing the general fear and panic grips almost every citizen and I can understand the hysteria but we must be careful. Hysteria is not a good thing to have in a stable society. People not gripped with the panic are finding themselves loathing the rest of the people who make it difficult for them to make a curry for the dinner as nowhere in town has rice. So why should you listen to me and try to relax? Well, maybe you shouldn’t, perhaps I’m being too calm but surely in the face of such catastrophe, a calm demeanour and sensible approach to things is what will win out in the end and make thing easier for yourself and everyone around you.