M-m-m-my Corona

So I’ve been looking a bit of a fool urging people not to panic in these times of crisis huh? Well to give myself a bit of break I dod believe that is still solid advice. Panic could only lead to further problems and in times such as these, it is best to sit back, follow instruction and take things as they come. We certainly have not reached true crisis yet, in the UK at least.

These days in quarantine, of which I personally have very little due to my day job. Do make a great time to think, simply put. Some people think of that and just presume or take it to action very minimally as to just dwell on a subject or issue for longer than a usual 30 seconds. No, here I mean it’s nice to just be alone with your thoughts, with yourself without much distraction and to let yourself process. Yes, somehow even that is not easy (given that you don’t have much else to do) because your mind and body are trapped. I’ve found it is very easy to feel caged when the outside world is shut down to you.

I find myself in an emotionally destressing state, for lots of reasons but it’s strange. Nothing particularly bad is happening to me, it just collectively feels as though my fingers are on the edge of the cliff of happiness. I’m clinging on with everything I have, my desire for peace and love is burning with an intensity I haven’t known for a long time. It’s made me more open to the spiritual, not that I’m starting to believe in a God. More the idea of a connecting force within yourself, something you have to tune, often daily to feel at peace with your choices and you as a person. But even then the outside world has other plans for you. Which is why I think its best to try and empty your mind these days. Be a force of positivity, peace and love because it is truly infectious (if you’ll pardon the use of that word).

Still, when you desire for peace too greatly you will always find yourself coming up short, you have to take the good and bad and smile. Know that you are good, you are you and you are ok. Be well and stay connected.

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