A Rant A Day Keeps The Boredom At Bay

I’m actually back with another post. Yay?

I still haven’t got too much to write about at the moment, aside from a big opinion piece on some tech that I’m trying to put together the angle for. But aside from that life is somewhat of the same day to day, even as we slowly head out of lockdown. Nothing really feels “back to normal”. Perhaps other peoples opinions are different based on where they are, how quickly or slowly their governments return things to colour.

Barbers, pubs and outdoor theme parks are the latest things to return to our worlds but it almost begs the question of why we are still in a controlled lockdown if there is no control on people anymore? I said in my last update about how suspicious and false it seems that there has been no consequence to the mass gatherings that have happened as of late. And yet people keep talking of a supposed second wave, perhaps something to do with the frigid weather of the winter already (in case you can’t tell this vexes me greatly) creeping back in during the middle of summer. But surely this will reduce spread regardless as more people will not be out and about going to things that promote gathering?

I’m getting bored myself of hearing about it all and now especially talking about it. So onwards, cinema! It’s been a while since I was there and a while since I’ve spoken anything to do about it. Have I been watching new movies? Of course, not new in release but new to me, I could have been reviewing those but it felt against the grain of what I had been writing about before. I do miss the cinema dearly, it clears my cobwebs and takes me away from the mundanity of life, something sorely needed during these times. But I look forward to returning to new films, perhaps not straight away as cinemas are planning blockbuster releases as perhaps an attempt to claw back cash loss. You always hear talk of cinema dying and yet it fights on, somehow making it through a pandemic, cinema is not gone yet.

I’m not sure what this post even is besides a way for me to keep on top of myself to write for this site. I suppose its just a little rant about some things buzzing around in my head this time. I should try make these more frequent if they’re going to be so trivial huh? 😉

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