Cooped Up Coup

I’m not sure exactly what people were expecting from 2021. But I’m certain that borderline terrorist group storming the House of Representatives in the United States was not among them. Equally, I did not see the allegations that Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce due to Kanye West hooking up with Jeffree Starr. But thats just the way the world is now.

I’m not sure as I’m writing this why exactly the HoR was stormed, if it was in fact a staging of a coup or what is probably more like; a group of loons thinking they can overturn the will of millions of people because of lies told to them by their President. Perhaps things will look clearer as we move forward what exactly this was. I did notice something quite troubling to a degree while bouncing around twitter trying to catch all the news and leaking videos around this happening. First and foremost I was reminded of just how wonderful technology is at times, the fact that this event was illuminated to the entire world within minutes is extraordinary. It’s understated just how powerful that is, moments like this in the past would be undercover, shrouded in mystery and rumour. With only official documents being people account, of course thats thinking of worse case scenario what this could have been.

Second was how dangerous technology is also. I noticed that Trumps video message telling the “protestors” to go home was blocked from being liked, retweeted without comment and being shared. They stated this was due to concerns over the inciting to violence, they had blocked all his tweets during this period also. I can understand that but lets get one thing clear; Twitter is not a government account, its a platform on the internet, of course as a company they can choose to act as they like. But let’s not forget that silencing people, voices and opinions can lead to very sketchy state of affairs. Twitter is not the only platform out there, no, but it is one that prides itself on being about free speech. It’s also become a first port of call for many news events/stories. You’d be hard pressed to find any other platform that is as hot on the trigger as twitter is. It’s why its the only social media I actually use and enjoy. It feels like the community of the world online. It’s where Presidents and people and entertainers are all on common ground (aside from that blue verification tick) which is why the idea of silencing tweets puts an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

Sure, you may be thinking in this case it’s fine, its Trump and they were ensuring inciting tweets could not be spread around twitter like wildfire. I’d agree but what if this became of political bodies, what if the tables were turned and they were silencing BlackLivesMatter voices. It’s a slippery slope this sort of behaviour and while you may agree with it now that can very quickly change and when opinions in general or even opinions we don’t like are silenced. It’s not a good thing to be encouraging. It’s not a good time to live. Even stranger is that I spent the beginning of my year in self-isolation, as I’m sure many people have.

It was a stark reminder that we are in fact in a lockdown, as England went into another full national lockdown itself. It’s like being in a guided cage to be frank. Of course it is what needs to be done but as I have been almost perfectly fine the entire run it does make me ask if I need to be worried. I know it is not about me and more about hospitals and the elderly or infirm but forgive me if my patience for lockdowns is running thin. It’s been nearly a year since all this started. A whole year! Of being cooped up like this. I feel frustrated with all the people who like me think they don’t need to worry but take it a step further and don’t listen to the rules. It’s why this continues to get worse. But I can see that side too, we were in a strict enforced lockdown for three months, if it was fully strict on the rules and took measures then, we would likely not be dealing with it as bad now. There’s a lot of blame to be had and things that could have been done better but its said and done. What’s most difficult is thinking about normality, when does that come back and what will it even look like? It will be different and while I look back on how things used to be fondly, there’s plenty I hope will be improved. But I dearly hope we find a normal way of life, in whatever sense of that word, soon.

In more encouraging news, I’ve got a little idea for a book to start writing. Now I’m not committing to anything as I’ve got a lot more going on in my life and a lot more pressing concerns. But I have an idea and I’m going to slowly but surely try to piece something together. I’ll be sure to share when I can. There’s a lot to think about moving forward into the year. I have some goals of my own, not resolutions, thats a sure fire way to not complete them – calling them new year resolutions. Mine are more concrete, this year is about working on me, moving back over those footprints I laid years prior to get back to where I was a year ago. Actually, scratch that. I will retread old footprints but by some mystical magic I will be somewhere else entirely, somewhere better I hope. I’d share those aspirations with you but I’m always afraid of putting pressure on myself by sharing aims and goals. Walk in silence as they say. That is something to encourage yourself to do now, in January, get some goals for the year, something to aim at so when you start walking tomorrow you will naturally move in that direction.

It’s a strange start to the year but they always are a bit up in the year, find your feet, move forward.

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