The Immortality Key (B. Muraresku)

The Secret History of the Religion with No Name.

As the subtile of this book suggests. Muraresku implies that mankind has been duped, so to speak. That somewhere out there in the annuls of history, a religion, birthed in our earliest days that survived long enough to be a subject of persecution and revival under the mask of another name. Christianity. The religion in question is one of “experiencing” the divine, and such experience came from use of one thing; Psychedelics which would be ingested by beer, then in wine.

It’s by far, at least to me, one of the biggest hooks to a big I’ve ever come across. The idea that Christianity, Jesus Christ. Not only started as a peddling of psychedelic wine but was actually copying a religion that came long before it, which itself was carrying through a tradition from the earliest days of humankind. In many respects I do not feel I’m articulate enough or possess the lashing pin point memory that Muraesku himself has. I find myself in trouble here as to what to actually talk about in regards to the books.

So lets start here, what do I think you should know. Well first and foremost, Brain himself is no Indiana Jones, professionally speaking. He does not have a doctorate in any field closely related to this research. Instead he is a Catholic raised and Christ believing, international lawyer. Who through studying the classics as well as latin and Greek. Finds himself will an unimaginable passion for delving into a mystery, or thy mysteries. After spurned onto the idea by a researching in the field as far back as the 1970s. For that passion to pursue something like this with the tenacity and fervour that Muraresku has provides much of the fascination. But what is strikingly more impressive is that there is genuine, scientific and thought provoking evidence for the claim.

Furthermore, Brain himself is not a practitioner of Psychedelics so the account is even more believable, as he it’s not a stoner trying to justify his trip as something divine and holy. Thought by all accounts the prose is what you might expect from a trained and professional lawyer, convincing and throughly backed up with all the reason and logic to boot.

If you’re still not fully convinced or wanted something just to pique your interest further, and better than I ever could. Here is a wonderful video on the contents of the book and case Muraresku and others are making.

The Eleusis Code

The actually narrative or plot as such of the book, is one of argument and through investigation into claims being made. It starts by giving a backdrop to our very civilisation. Ancient Greece. This provides a much needed frame to the rest of the evidence that Muraresku details out for the reader to consider. As much of the iconography, words, mythos and language play heavily into interpretation of later events.

I do think its apt to say that a narrative or plot run through the book. As the entire thing, reads like a thrilling adventure of Muraresku as if it was The Da Vinci Code. It’s got all the secret meanings, puzzle solving, travelling and underground tombs required. Muraresku might as well have called himself Indiana and said if he didn’t get to the holy grail first and prove it had psychedelics in it, some Nazi was going to come and get it first. It’s a thrilling read and each new piece of evidence is beyond intriguing. I do think I’m speaking very personally here but I suppose if this sounds like your cup of tea then hopefully you should have the same experience as I have had.

Muraresku lays out all the language, details of passages and links from the gosples to lay out what I believe is a truly well founded, incredibly persuasive and intriguing case. I could absolutely write a thesis long article here about everything that is talked about in the book, how it links to this and that, everything Brain saw on his adventure, the absolutely shocking revelations made and the undeniable plausibility of it all.


When I talk about the book to people who will listen, I go off like some tin foil hat wearing lunatic. But the evidence is there and perhaps its a you gotta read it to believe it. Because the things outlined in this book, at least by mine estimations, my personal belief and the logic on full display, make it hard deny that Brain and the men who came before him with this theory have stumbled onto something absolutely earth shattering. I truly recommend this read to anyone who finds themselves even remotely interested. It’s a thrilling and adventure filled read, that at times feels like lots of information as though you are reading some college students thesis to grade but it’s worth noting that despite that there is a lot of information for Brain to get across. Which given that, he gets an absolute ton over in very easily understood and concisely brilliant ways. It’s truly a rewarding read and will certainly spice up your next conversations around Christ, Psychedelics, Religion or Humanity as we know it. As a great Roman philosopher spoke of Eleusis stating “life would be unbearable without it” and look around us now, without it. In the corners of the world murmurs are heard of spirituality on the rise again. Perhaps it may just yet come back, which Brain himself outlines some very real possibilities for.

If you’re still not fully convinced or wanted something just to pique your interest further, and better than I ever could. Here is a wonderful video on the contents of the book and case Muraresku and others are making;

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