Get Back!

A year. A whole year has passed. I look over what has happened since I wrote this post last year and I honestly cannot say a whole lot has changed. I wrote last New Years about getting through, we were still in a lockdown and the world was still in fear of the virus. I hoped for things to changed, I felt things were going to look brighter. For a moment this year this seemed to be the case, the world lifted and in the beaming sunshine we all revelled in the coming together in the wake of a mass vaccination roll out.

When this happened I was confident life would slowly get back to normal, for a time It did feel as though all of this was said and done. We had made it through. But for me personally 2021 seemed just be a continuous fight of introspective and fighting against the effects of the pandemic, individually as well as collectively. Wars are being fought that we cannot even see. I personally found myself discovering things I had never ever considered before, for the start of the year I began to meditate and look inwards and to some kind of spirtuality to get me through. Strange for someone who was a self confessed atheist all his life to turn around and say perhaps he was wrong, perhaps while there is no hard evidence for God, perhaps we are God. I found spirituality to be comforting and this isn’t your daddies religion, I saw this as more of a self introspective growing and openness.

I read the book The Immortality Key which seemed to strengthen my resolve that God is within us and there is an awakening in life that our ancestors of old all partook in. Nowadays, the mental health crisis is brewing a revival in spirituality that is hard to really comprehend and not just back to religions, I mean even back to personal belief as well as things like the Dionysus cult of ancient Greece. it speaks volumes to what culturally we are collectively facing. Political and collectively we are divided, in the modern technological world we are slaves to the drive of social media attention and validation. Well there is a brewing hunger for the real, the connective and the spiritual. Even outside of my own hunt for this, I have friends who took took it upon themselves to seek out meditation or hiking or generally ways of getting out more into nature or around people. Even if that is hitting the clubs on the weekend. I think we all found ourselves chasing human connection more than ever. My most listened to song of the year once again indicates and links very clearly to what I have expressed about how I felt about this year. A strive to feel more connected, at some sort of a cross roads between spirituality and being a modern man. The album The Life of Pablo was right up there in my most listened to and my most listened to song for the entire year was Saint Pablo by Kanye West;

Saint Pablo by Kanye West

It’s a song of insecurities and facing hardship and looking up for something greater than yourself to inspire hope and comfort. Whatever that might be. Politicians do not inspire hope for the future, science is stunted and more focused on gimmicks like trips to the moon. Celebrity culture is buckling at the seams with wholesome long standing relationships like Kanye and Kim express the instability we all face. Entertainment as a whole has shifted almost entirely to 10 seconds tik toks and with the whole world still worried connection may kill us. It’s certainly still hard going finding hope. The song to me expresses a lot about how I have felt this year, I have felt like I’m searching for comfort and stability while I face all my insecurities head on like a deer in headlights. Hell I even turned 25 which certainly feels like I was never supposed to make it. But there is some hope to be found in the song, we pick ourselves up and keep searching. Life is a big voyage into the unknown at all times and along all paths.

So we come back to last year, “getting through” are we actually through it all? Possibly, this Christmas and New Years certainly feels a little too close for comfort to last years. Are we now doomed to repeat a cycle of opening up, shutting down, booster shots and iron grip government control. I don’t think we are out of the storm yet but the ship is still holding strong. It’s going to be about moving forward. I spoke last year about introspective and using this time to turn in, next year needs to be about moving forward. I went to see Russell Brand a couple months back and he said something far more poignant to me than perhaps he even intended it to be, he spoke about how we become connoisseurs of our own misery, sipping it like a fine aged wine. We have to stop anchoring this around, we have to heal. Google’s Year In Search highlighted this for me. Again always something I look forward to each and every year, for me looking at what the world is searching for, gives keen insight into our collective psyche. This year we all want to know how to heal.

I think more than anything what this year’s year in search shows is that we need to do everything to remember community. Now it is not a time to be thinking of personal wants and gains but how we can better ourselves to enrich our communities. The path to healing outside of all this isolation and literal fear of contact is to get in contact! We need to be a people once again and we need to damn well fight for it. Let’s not sip at this 2 year vintage of misery and stick our noses up at anyone who managed to make it lucky because we won’t remember this time, we will put this behind us and look outwards. To each other, to ourselves in a collective, to our purpose, to the planet and to the stars. We grow together and I truly hope in the new year we can all find acts of kindness and simple niceties in our community. To help us heal.

2021 was a tough year that faces us all with new challenges and continued to test our metal. Going into this next year I hope we all meet outside once again in the sun and can move forward from this pandemic that has plagued us for so long now.

I wish you all a prosperous and happy new year!

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