A graduate of Media Studies at the University of Aberystwyth, Wales, UK. An utter cinephile who finds himself with strong opinions, often through the lens of cinema or a wide range of dabbled interests. Just wanting to share his opinion with people who care to listen and if not for his own self-reflection.

“Why you? Why should we listen? Why bother?”. Some people out there may say when looking upon my site with the pungent scent of self-importance and ego massaging. Well, why the bloody hell not?

We live in a time of a social media explosion. The knock-on effect of these sites catapulting the web to the foremost outlets of creativity, opinion and fresh ideas is unprecedented. Now more than ever anyone, literally anyone (including people like me) can get a website up and share their opinions, beliefs, passions and hates. This has created a frankly abundance of film reviewers (Rotton Tomatoes capitalised on this), music aficionados, world travellers with a knack for photography and writers with nothing better to do. You may have the misconception that some if not most of these people have ‘something’ to give, and while I agree – I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a moment. Most bloggers, reviewers, breakdownist and explainers do not have a relevant degree or get paid for their writing elsewhere. The travellers’ aren’t funded by National Geographic and the YouTubers don’t have inherent celebrity. But! Why shouldn’t they carry on doing that, after all PewDiePie was just some Swedish boy who screamed on camera playing horror games once upon a time.

What I’m getting at is that in the world wide web there is boundless room and potential for creativity, opinion and thought-provoking ideas. Whether it comes from someone who has spent twenty plus years working in the film industry and his thoughts on movies today. A want to be musician who barely knows how to play the guitar or someone who woke up one morning and wanted to tell the world why he hates buses (they really are awful). So that is where I am coming from, I want to bring the internet my thoughts, opinions, portfolio and general parts of my life. But does that mean I’m writing this for you? Well yes but more importantly no! I’m doing this because I want to for me, which Is a feeling everyone should strive for when creating. Do it for you that way you always have at least one interested person 🙂

But if any of you out there want to read along with my musings, my opinions and my beliefs. From someone that yes has a degree, and has had a fair share of experience in his relatively young life thus far. Then I invite you to join me for what I hope are informative, humourous and occasionally ‘full of shit’ posts and discussions.